The following is a list of the Police/Fire/EMS agencies we serve, along with operating frequencies.

Please use caution and common sense when you hear an emergency call.
Never go to the scene of an emergency. It could be very dangerous.

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(Central Communications)

County Wide Fire & Rescue Dispatch

- All primary County Fire, EMS and SAR incidents are dispatched on this frequency.

Emergency Management 

- Animal Control Primary Frequency
- Auxiliary frequency for Fire, EMS, SAR, Police and Emergency Management Personnel

155.415 - Law Enforcement

- All primary incidents for the County Sheriff's Office, as well as the Towns of Chatham and Gretna are dispatched on this frequency.

154.845 - Law Enforcement

- All primary incidents for the Town of Hurt are dispatched on this frequency.

39.54 (SIRS) / 39.50 - Law Enforcement

- All radio traffic between State Police Units and Inter-County communications are on this frequency.

We monitor and can transmit on the following frequencies as back up communications:

Chatham Rescue Repeater - 155.760
Danville Life Saving Crew Repeater - 55.295
Gretna Fire & Rescue Repeater - 155.115
Ringgold/Kentuck/Keeling Fire Repeater - 154.385
Tunstall Fire & Rescue Repeater - 154.070

County Law Enforcement Agencies

Agency ID Agency Name Frequency
PCSO Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office


CPD Chatham Town Police 155.415
GPD Gretna Town Police 155.415
HPD Hurt Town Police 154.845


County Fire Stations

Station # Station Name Frequency
ST11 Forestry Dept.


ST17 Dry Fork F.D. 154.190
ST21 Chatham F.D. 154.310
ST22 Gretna F.D. 155.115
ST23 Ringgold F.D. 154.385
ST24 Kentuck F.D. 154.385
ST25 Tunstall Fire & Rescue 154.070
ST26 Renan F.D. 154.145
ST27 Mount Cross Fire & Rescue 153.950
ST28 Riceville Java F.D. 154.325
ST29 Riceville Java F.D. Sta #2 154.325
ST30 Bachelors Hall F.D. 154.370
ST31 Hurt F.D. 154.115
ST32 Climax F.D. 154.430
ST33 Mount Hermon Fire & Rescue 154.355
ST34 Blairs F.D. 154.415
ST35 Callands Fire & Rescue 154.160
ST36 Laurel Grove Fire & Rescue 154.235
ST37 Brosville F.D. 154.145
ST38 Cascade F.D. 153.890
ST39 Cool Branch F.D. 154.010
ST40 Riverbend F.D. 154.340
ST42 Keeling F.D. 154.385


County Rescue Squads

Station # Station Name Frequency
SQ10 Gretna Rescue 155.115
SQ12 Chatham Rescue 155.760
SQ13 Cool Branch Rescue 155.220
SQ14 640 Community Rescue E.M. Freq.
SQ16 Angel Search and Rescue -
SQ20 Danville Life Saving Crew 155.295
SQ25 Tunstall Fire & Rescue 154.070
SQ27 Mount Cross Fire & Rescue 153.950
SQ33 Mount Hermon Fire & Rescue 154.355
SQ35 Callands Fire & Rescue 154.160
SQ36 Laurel Grove Fire & Rescue  154.235
SQ50 Altavista Life Saving Crew 155.175


PCFR Pittsylvania Co. Fire & Rescue Association 153.830

10 Codes


Response Codes

Miscellaneous Agencies & Frequencies

* Note, we do not dispatch for or serve these agencies below*

Danville Fire Dept. 154.175 - Dispatch

154.010 - Fire Ground

Danville Regional Medical Center 155.340 - (Hear)
Danville Police Dept. 155.370 - Primary
NOAA Weather Radio Blacksburg/Roanoke 162.400
Virginia Rescue Mutual Aid 155.205
Virginia State Police - Division 6 158.985

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