Treasurer's Seal

M. Kate Berger,
PO Box 230
11 Bank Street / Courthouse Annex
Chatham, VA 24531
Phone: (434) 432-7960
Fax: (434) 432-7968

"Taxes are the life-blood of government, and their prompt and certain availability an imperious need"
Bull V U.S.
295 U.S. 247 (1935)

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM

The Treasurer's Office is located in the Courthouse Annex  Building 11 Bank Street, Chatham, Virginia.  Parking is available on Main Street or directly behind the Courthouse.

The Treasurer's Office has come a long way since its inception in 1869.  There has been an increasing focus over the years to become more efficient and effective in an effort to better serve the citizens of Pittsylvania County.

The primary functions of the Treasurer's Office fall into two major categories.  They are as follows: the receipt, collection and safekeeping of revenue and the appropriate accounting for the receipt and disbursement of revenue.

We continually strive to improve the services we provide to the general public. The Treasurer's Office is a front-line representative of Pittsylvania County devoted to customer satisfaction and enhancing the public perception of the county.

Telephone Numbers

(434) 432-7960.....Chatham/Danville area
(434) 656-6211.....Gretna/Hurt area
(434) 432-7968.....FAX

Vehicle License Fees

License Fee

A license fee is assessed on all motor vehicles, owned or leased, normally garaged, stored or parked in the County. The assessment is made on the first day of each calendar year, and is due and payable on June 5th annually. Those fees are as follows:

Passenger Vehicles/Pickup Trucks: $38.75

Motorcycles: $26.75

Exemptions and Reductions

(1) One vehicle owned or leased, and used personally in the performance of duties by each active member of the volunteer fire departments and volunteer rescue squads who lives in the county outside of the incorporated towns is exempt after proper certification.
Application for exemption of license fee.

(2) Passenger vehicles and pickup trucks owned and used personally by a member of the National Guard shall be partially exempt from the payment of the license fee levied and imposed by fifty percent (50%) of said fee.

(3) Passenger vehicle and pickup trucks owned and used personally by a Disabled Veteran or Prisoner of War and currently running state license plates to identify them as such, are exempt from license fee with proper documentation.

Dog Tags

Spayed or Neutered $5.00
Non-altered $5.00
Kennel Tags (1 - 20 dogs) $40.00
Kennel Tags ( 20+ dogs) $50.00
Duplicate tag $2.00
*Declared Vicious $50.00
(*Must be obtained from Animal Control Office)

Dog Tags and Kennel Tags run calendar year (January thru December). They are available for purchase on November 1st for the next year and must be purchased before January 31st of each year. A current rabies certificate must be presented at the time of purchase. Dog and Kennel tags may be purchased at the Treasurer's Office or by mail with cash, check or money order.



Collection of Taxes

Our office is responsible for receiving state and local funds; State and Estimated Income tax and local Real Estate and Personal Property taxes.

Tax deadlines are as follows:

Real Estate, Solid Waste Fee and Personal Property Taxes are Billed Semi-annual

1st Installment Due Date:    June 5th
2nd Installment Due Date:   December 5th
Taxes are considered delinquent on the next day following the due date and a ten percent (10%) penalty is applied to the balance due. 
Interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum is applied on the first day of the month following the installment due date and accrues monthly.
Pittsylvania County is a non-prorating jurisdiction.  Assessments are made based on ownership and residency as of January 1st of each calendar year.

State Income Tax - May 1

(A 6% penalty is applied each month thereafter on any unpaid balance up to 30%; interest is accrued daily until balance is paid.  After December 31, any unpaid tax will be forwarded to the Department of Taxation in Richmond Virginia for additional collection procedures)

Estimated Income Tax

May 1 - Voucher 1
June 15 - Voucher 2
September 15 - Voucher 3
January 15 - Voucher 4

The first voucher must be filed with the Commissioner of the Revenue and all subsequent vouchers are mailed to the Treasurer. Vouchers must be included with payment.

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Chief Deputy

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